to your Road to the Good Life!

The Good Life Mission:

To provide a superior product line and business format
so that people can affordably support a healthy lifestyle,
increase their time spent with loved ones,
and experience a higher quality of life.

The Good Life Story:Steven and Terry Smith, aware that most products in the direct selling industry are overpriced, have committed themselves to bringing quality, affordable products to the average American family. They have created a business structure that rewards people fairly for sharing great products with friends and family.

Steven’s and Terry's vision attracts highly successful people who also share these values. As you look at the credentials of 'The Good Life Team,' you can see that each individual brings exceptional talent and experience into the company. But most important is that every one of them passionately shares Steven’s and Terry's vision to bring genuine product value and improved quality of life to families throughout the world. 'The Good Life' is about more than money. It's about health, freedom, and the opportunity to serve others.

Meet The Good Life Team:


Steven and Terry Smith

Steven is Good Life's Founder and CEO.

Steven and Terry Smith's unwavering commitment to their “Consumer First Philosophy” in network marketing is the driving force behind Good Life International. Their primary focus on offering product value is what brought the Good Life team together.

Good Life International manufactures its own products. Steven Smith has extensive expertise and experience in manufacturing nutritional supplements. He has provided powerful and cost-effective nutritional products to the nutritional industry for over 10 years. As always, Steven is compelled to deliver high-quality products that get results - and at excellent values to consumers. He has a commitment to offer well-formulated and unique products that are in great demand by those who desire health and wellness.

'It is our hope and dream to help millions of people enhance their health, finances, and quality of life in order to free up busy lives and spend more time with their families and friends. That's what the good life IS! . . . enjoying and helping the ones you really care about'